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ODUM Camps

ODUM has a variety of summer camp programs in July and August, where children and families gather for comradery, education and fun!  Keeping the Ukrainian spirit alive through interesting programming and creating lifetime memories and friendships.  Every year a theme is chosen as well as commemorating significant historical events in Ukraine enrich the camper’s experiences.

Counselor Camp:

A one-week program where 15 and 16 year olds learn the history of ODUM, leadership skills, programming to working with children.

Bandura Camp:

A one-week camp where children of all ages learn how to play or advance their skills playing the traditional Ukrainian instrument – Bandura.

Kinder Camp:

Camp for parents and toddlers to experience the camp life for an easy transition to Recreation Camp.

Recreation Camp:

A two-week camp program where children live together, sing, experience fun learning activities enriching their knowledge about Ukraine, traditions, history and language.

Family Camp:

A long-weekend camp in August at Timber Bay Minnesota for families to spend time together, attend a variety of workshops exploring Ukrainian cooking, pickling and more.

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